Exactly that, a snow Bengal that is also Silver, Silver snows come in all three types of snow, LYNX, MINK OR SEPIA.
It gives the snow a beautiful icy tone to the original colour, silver also lightens whatever snow it is paired with, as the kitten develops you will see the stronger silver shadowing across the face, and is one of my personal favourites.


Being the lightest of the 3 snows, the snow lynx always has blue eyes and faint markings until they are closer to a year old. Seal Lynx Bengals are extremely popular amongst breeding programs and pet owners alike.


The middle of the 3 snows, seal mink is a combination of one part seal lynx (Siamese colouration, cs) and one part seal sepia (Burmese colouration, cb). We have had some stunning seal Minks, and will be expecting more this Autumn and winter 2020.


A beautiful and quite striking Seal Lynx Charcoal, one of my personal favorites, a seal lynx with a dark Zorro mask with those stunning sky blue eyes is just magical!
We hope to breed these beauties in 2021, please do let us know if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Do Bengal Cats like to Cuddle?

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