Snow lynx Bengal cat for sale. The controversy over whether or not to allow cats to wander freely outside is raging, with strong arguments on both sides. Of course, this is a decision that all cat owners must make,

not only Bengal cat owners, though we believe that Bengal cats have some distinctive traits that should be taken into account throughout the decision-making process. Bengal kittens for sale $300

What are the benefits of allowing your cat to go outside?

Cats are free-spirited, agile creatures who require ample space to run, hunt, and do what they do best. They’re self-sufficient, intelligent, and capable of taking care of themselves. They aren’t human slaves like dogs, and they aren’t designed to be locked up in a house all day.

They’ll become bored. When Bengals become bored, they may exhibit aggressive behavior, naughtiness, or inappropriate spraying. Bengal cat for sale

It appears to be reasonable… So, why not let your cat take care of everything?
Cats who are allowed to wander freely outdoors live far fewer years than cats who are kept indoors. There are two main reasons for this: (1) car accidents, and (2) fighting or being attacked by other cats or even wild animals.

Despite the fact that cats are intelligent, there are many dangers outside that a small furry family member should not be exposed to. Aside from these dangers, Bengals and other pedigree cats face an additional danger: theft. Bengal kittens mn

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous humans out there who are ready to seize a chance to steal a valuable or beautiful cat.

There’s also the possibility of a problem with your neighbors… Many cats prefer not to use their own back garden as a toilet, preferring instead to use your neighbor’s cherished flower beds. Most people, unsurprisingly, are offended by this, and a small minority may retaliate by intentionally injuring or poisoning cats who do so. Bengal cats for sale near me

Snow lynx Bengal cat for sale – What you should know about Bengals specifically

When making your decision, keep in mind that Bengals are far more adventurous than most other cats, as well as being more confident or, some could say, nosy!  Bengal kittens for sale mn

They will travel far further than most domestic cats, thus their area will be much broader, and it may encompass things like roadways or other hazards that you believe are too far away to be a problem.

Furthermore, Bengals have no concept of “private property” and believe that any open door is an invitation to enter and snoop about! This may be someone’s house, a shed, garage, or outbuilding!

So, depending on whose property it is and whether or not they are detected, you could wind up locked inside or upset your neighbors by finding your cat in their home on a regular basis! Bengal kittens for sale under $500 near you

We’re speaking from personal experience… The view from the bottom of our property, as shown at the top of this post, shows that we live in a fairly rural region.

What you can’t see is that there’s a busy road nearby, though it’s a long way away, and none of our non-Bengal cats have ever ventured that far… except Lula! Also, during warmer weather when doors and windows were left open, both Spot and Lula were constantly in and out of our neighbor’s house – we know they would never harm them, but they didn’t enjoy it and it was inconvenient for them. Bengal kittens for sale near you

So, what are your options? At the end of the day, only you can make the decision, and each person will have their own set of factors to consider based on their cat’s nature and the location in which they live.

If you live near a busy road or other potential hazards, we recommend that you keep your cat indoors… You might want to let them if you live in a particularly remote location.

Consider these factors if you decide to let your cat roam free.
Allow them to roam until they are at least 6 months old.

Make sure they’re neutered — males will be less likely to get into fights and will not contribute to the expanding population of unwanted cats, while females will not become pregnant and contribute to the same population. kittens for sale near me

Make sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations.

Get them microchipped — some people also put collars on their cats, which we don’t like because we’ve heard of them getting stuck in trees and strangling cats, even some of the so-called “fast release” collars.

We recommend that cats be kept indoors during the hours of darkness; if they are allowed outside at night, they are more likely to get into trouble (greater risk of road accidents and fights with other animals). Bengal cat for sale near you

If you wish to install a cat flap, be sure it reads the microchips of your cats. Cats do not need to wear collars for these, and they will eliminate the problem of neighborhood felines entering your home, as well as all of the difficulties with territorial marking and worry that this may cause to your own cats.

Alternatives to unrestricted roaming

Of course, there are other options for allowing your cat to go outside without giving them entire freedom of the big outdoors, such as constructing an outside enclosure, cat-proofing your garden, or harness-training them and allowing them to walk you! All of these subjects are covered in depth in other articles on our advise pages!

Another reason to take your Bengal outside now and again is for his or her protection. Familiarizing your Bengal with the region in which it resides can help it feel safer if it ever escapes. An indoor cat who has never been outside is extremely vulnerable and likely to become lost.

It’s simple for indoor cats to slip out, and many become disoriented and scared quickly. You can lessen this risk by allowing your Bengal to go outside on sometimes.