Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10 count


Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10 count

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Spring into playtime with a classic kitty playtime favorite! Some cats are all about the simple things, like a colorful, bouncy spring to chase and bat around the house. These springs have an erratic bounce to turn up the playtime excitement, and come in vibrant colors to keep cats engaged in play. They’re perfect to give your kitty the daily mental stimulation and exercise he needs, without a whole lot of fuss. Just break them out and let the games spring on!Key Benefits

  • Cat springs are a playtime favorite for kitties everywhere.
  • Erratic bounce stimulates your kitty’s hunting instincts to get them playing.
  • Vibrant colors are designed to grab your cat’s attention for even more exciting play.
  • Helps provide the daily exercise and mental stimulation cats need.
  • Perfect for solo or interactive play for cats and kittens.

PrecautionsNo toy is indestructible. Supervise your pet when using since small parts can present a choking hazard or internal blockage. Discontinue use if the toy is damaged. Keep out of reach of children

3 reviews for Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10 count

  1. simple fun toy

    I have a high energy Bengal kitten who constantly is looking for stimulation. I didn’t think these springs would get him too entertained but the first day I gave him one of the small springs he played for the little thing for an hour! We have hardwood floors in our apartment so the spring slid around easily and he was chasing it. Thing is though these get lost easily. They arnt like a slinky but it’s fun for the cat to pick it up and also paw it.

  2. Mike Russle

    I bought these springs a few years ago for two our “teenager” cats. They were not impressed at all. These little springs stayed tucked away in a drawer for a couple of years, totally neglected and seemingly going to waste. Then we adopted a new kitten and she is OBSESSED with these. We randomly came across them in the drawer one day and decided to see if she’d have any interest. She was immediately obsessed. She loves playing fetch with these. She also loves hiding them, which is why I will be ordering another package… several years after they initially seemed like a fail to us. We laugh about it because we basically bought them for her years before she was even born. We were just waiting for her to come along and appreciate them! Our playful little kitten adores these.

  3. Mathew Gildi

    These little plastic springs were well received by my 7 mo. old kitten, who delighted in batting them around the floor, picking them up to carry, & fishing for them under the furniture. The curly nature makes it easy for the cat to pick them up, hook them, & toss or roll them about. The various colors make them easy to see on rugs or floors & help you remember what colors are currently in play. If I put out 1 or 2 at a time, I know what colors to hunt for if others have disappeared.

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