Bundle: Moppy Ball Toy, Blue + Pink


Bundle: Moppy Ball Toy, Blue + Pink

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Key Benefits

  • Comes with a Blue Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy and a Pink Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy.
  • Provide cats with the daily exercise and mental stimulation they need.
  • Stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts to spark up play and exercise.
  • Lightweight, floppy ball cat toy is perfect for tossing, chasing, batting and snuggling.
  • Perfect for solo or interactive play with your kitty to strengthen your bond together.


Make your feline friend’s day! Each purchase comes with a Blue Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy and a Pink Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy. No need to bring out the mop to get your kitty all excited for playtime. Now he can have his own moppy balls to bat and chase around the house. These floppy toys have the textures that drive cats wild to promote play and exercise. Great for solo or interactive play, they’re lightweight so you can toss them if your kitty likes chasing. Made with a soft material, they’re also purr-fect for snuggling.

3 reviews for Bundle: Moppy Ball Toy, Blue + Pink

  1. My house can never have enough springs

    All of the cats in my house adore these! Recently my housemate and I pulled out the stove and cleaned under the fridge, and found a total of 33 springs. Many have already disappeared. Whether they are just sitting about the house, being thrown, or attach to a wand toy, the cats love these. I try to order some every few months and never regret it.

  2. Size is 1 7/8 * 7/8 inches

    The good is that my cat really likes playing with these a lot on both hard and carpeted floors. The bad is that the size is 1 7/8 * 7/8 inches. If the diameter was a little bigger at 1 1/4 inches like a similar spring product that I have, then they would not go under the refrigerator and stove in my kitchen. Before ordering, I asked Chewy the size and they could not find this for me so I am providing the size in my review.

  3. Rita Mini

    I have tried different types of cat toys, but this one is the best! My picky cat can play hours with it, with other toys she getting bored in few days (if lucky 1-2 weeks). But the best part – you do not need to do anything! and can concentrate on your zoom calls 🙂 Have read in of of comments, that springs not bouncing – yes, true, but it doesn’t effect anything. I can give only one thing in Cons: springs can be easily “lost” under appliances…. I simply blocked spaces under washing machine and stove.

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