How much does a exotic Bengal cat cost?

Bengal cats are among the most exotic cats for sale in Ohio felines that can be kept as pets. Because of this, as well as their distinct personality and distinctively striped coat from their Asian Leopard cat parent, they are more expensive than other domestic cat breeds.Charcoal Bengal cat for sale

If you are one of the many cat lovers charmed by their unusual beauty, getting one for yourself will require much more than determination.


Aside from physically and emotionally preparing for this task, you need also assess your money.

I put up this financial guide to assist you establish the correct budget for your new Bengal kitten, with a breakdown of expenses starting from kittenhood till your cat reaches its senior years. Bengal kittens for sale in usa

A purebred Bengal kitten from a good breeder costs between $1,500 and $3,000. This range varies depending on various things, including the breeder’s repute and the color and pattern of the dog’s coat. Show quality Bengal cats are generally more expensive, ranging from $2,800 to $4,800. Exotic cats for sale Ohio

The Average Cost of a Bengal Cat: Where to find Exotic cats for sale in Ohio?

Bengal cats are quite unusual in comparison to the more common British Shorthair cat since their ancestors may be traced back to the Asian Leopard cat.

It is also for this reason that most Bengal catteries’ prices will always be expensive.

Crossing domestic cats with wild cats necessitates a more extensive breeding process. As a result, Bengals will never be cheap.

Refer to the table below for an estimate of how much a pet Bengal kitten costs per Bengal variety:

Bengal Breed Varieties Bengal Price Range
Pet/Companion Bengal Cats $1,000 – $2,500
Show Quality Bengal Cats $2,800 – $4,800
Senior/Retired Bengal Cats $700 – $1,500

As you can see, the Bengal cat price range varies based on the kitten’s age and pet quality. Prices for cats that qualify for pet shows are more than those for cats of pet quality. Charcoal bengal cat for sale

Instead of a newborn kitten, consider purchasing a senior or retired Bengal cat. You might also think about other cat breeds.

Why Are Bengal Cats So Pricey? Factors Influencing Bengal Cat Prices

It should come as no surprise that a Bengal kitten for sale in usa is more expensive than most expensive cat breeds due to its pet quality. However, in addition to their unusual classification, breeders consider other factors while determining their price.

To produce healthy Bengal kittens, they must adhere to strict breeding requirements as cat breeders.

This means they’ll have to pay for vet visits, health testing, and vaccine shots. Of course, they must also account for food and other everyday necessities. Charcoal bengal kittens for sale


Other variables influencing the pricing of high-quality Bengal kittens include:

Bengal kitten breeders produce purebred exotic cats for sale that can be kept as pets or shown in competitions. Kittens with champion bloodlines are typically more expensive than companion kittens. Charcoal Bengal kittens for sale When you choose pedigreed cats, you can be confident that they have the best health, appearance, and temperament because responsible breeders prioritize these factors. Charcoal bengal kittens for sale

Breeder Quality and Reputation:

Bengal kittens from well-established breeders who have been practicing high breeding standards for a long time are often more expensive than Bengal kittens from new breeders. Unlike backyard breeders with a questionable breeding program, you can put your trust in them because of their years of experience breeding cats. Exotic cats for sale

Genetic Testing and Health Checks: Before being sold, Bengal kittens are genetically screened for any inherited disorders. They are also evaluated by the breeder’s veterinarian on a regular basis to verify that there are no issues before being released. White Bengal kittens for sale
Age: Bengal kittens are more expensive since most owners prefer to see their pets grow up alongside them. They can also train them far more easily and fine-tune their behavior. Older Bengal cats can also be purchased for a much lesser price, but rehoming them may be difficult due to their established temperaments.

Color and Pattern: The Bengal cat’s color and pattern are the last but not least factors to consider. Due to their scarcity, silver, snow, and blue Bengal cats command substantially higher prices.  Exotic cats for sale Ohio. Those with arrowhead rosette patterns are likewise likely to be significantly more expensive than those with conventional spotted patterns. Brown bengal kittens for sale
The elements described above are merely the most important factors influencing Bengal cat prices.

Different breeders may further add in the expense of shipping, registration, other paperwork, and the fact that one of its parents is a wild cat.

Aside from that, several respectable breeders consider gender and breeding rights when determining the Bengal kitten pricing.

How Much Does Adopting a Bengal Cat from a Shelter or Rescue Cost?

If you are unable to save enough money for a Bengal kitten from a breeder, you can adopt a Bengal from a local cat rescue organization for $100 to $300. Bengal kittens for sale under $500 near me

This adoption fee often covers all medical costs, such as spaying/neutering, immunizations, and microchipping.

You don’t have to be concerned about their overall health because rescues ensure that their cats are in good health before adoption.

They also provide training and rehabilitation for cats who have been abused by prior owners.

For older Bengal cats, it’s best to inquire about any specific health difficulties or special demands that may arise. Before any transaction, a reputable rescue organization will freely share these data. Bengal kittens for sale mn

The Initial Cost of Owning a Bengal Cat

You should prepare items necessary not only for your Bengal kitten’s growth and development, but also for their successful adjustment to their new environment, prior to their scheduled pickup or arrival.

Here is a list of cat items that pet owners should have on hand to help their Bengal cat adjust to its new home:

Premium Cat Food: While they’re still kittens, your biggest priority is providing your Bengal with daily nourishment through food. Bengal cat breeders often offer the initial supply of cat food. However, it is best to get premium cat food for your pet since it is essential for their growth and development. You can initially spend around $80 to $100 on cat food. Bengal cats for sale mn

Litter Box: To begin potty training, you will need to acquire a litter box, which typically costs between $15 and $30. Remember to replace the cat litter on a regular basis.
Give your Bengal cat a collar and an ID tag to help you identify them easily.  Exotic cats for sale Ohio. This comes in handy when they become disoriented. Both of these things are available for $10 to $25.
Carrier: If you want to take your cat everywhere with you, you’ll need a durable and comfortable carrier. You should budget $40 to $60 to purchase one online or at your local pet store.

Bed: Your Bengal cat sleeps about 16 hours every day on average. You can provide a comfortable resting spot for your cat for as little as $15 to $35.

Scratching Post: A scratching post can make your Bengal cat very happy and encourage healthier claws. One constructed of wood can be purchased for roughly $20 to $40.
Shampoo: While quality kittens clean themselves naturally, you should bathe them every now and again. A cat-friendly shampoo aids in the removal of dirt, oils, and fleas. This ranges in price from $8 to $24.

Toys: You should supply your cat with cat toys to help them improve coordination and stay in condition. These toys will not only help them maintain an active lifestyle, but they will also provide a fun method for them to spend time together. A broad variety of toys are available for $11 to $32. Exotic cats for sale Ohio
Feeding Bowls: A nice food and water bowl will help you to properly feed and hydrate your Bengal cat throughout the day. Both are available for between $10 and $30.
Toothbrush and toothpaste: You must give dental care for your cat in order to prevent dental disorders. Daily oral hygiene can be accomplished with a cat-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste, which range in price from $5 to $12.

Bengal cats have short but fluffy and beautiful fur. To keep their beautiful coat, you’ll need a nice brushing, which you can readily find online for $7 to $15.
Trimming your cat’s nails is also an important component of your grooming routine. These are normally priced between $7 and $14 each piece.
Harness: Bengal cats, like the Maine Coon breed, are daring. Take them for a walk with a strong harness to satiate their outdoor curiosity. A high-quality one should cost between $8 and $16.

Here is a tabulated version of the initial expenses for easier reference:

Type of Expense Average Cost
Premium Cat Food $80 – $100
Litter Box $15 – $30
Collar and ID Tag $10 – $25
Carrier $40 – $60
Bed $15 – $35
Scratching Post $20 – $40
Shampoo $8 – $24
Toys $11 – $32
Feeding Bowls $10 – $30
Toothbrush and Toothpaste $5 – $12
Hairbrush $7 – $15
Nail Clippers $7 – $14
Harness $8 – $16
Total Initial Cost $236 – $433

As a Bengal cat owner, you can’t avoid the initial outlay of funds. You can, however, save money by asking your breeder for cost-effective brand recommendations for cat food and other supplies.

The First Year of Owning a Bengal Cat

You should budget $3,250 to $6,095 for the first year of owning a Bengal cat. This figure includes the cost of the kitten as well as continuing expenses such as food, litter, and other medical services. Exotic cats for sale Ohio

To help you understand, here is a list of the products and services your Bengal cat will want throughout its first year:

Vaccinations: Before your Bengal kitten can be taken home, breeders will give them their first round of vaccines. It is, however, your obligation to ensure that these immunizations are completed before they reach a specific age. These shots could cost anything from $60 to $130. exotic cat breeders in ohio
Tick, flea, and worm treatments: In addition to vaccines, your Bengal kitten will require tick, flea, and worm preventative medication. Without these, your cat will not have a beautiful coat or be in excellent health. These preventive procedures will cost you between $30 and $50.

Microchipping and registration: Microchipping your Bengal cat is a preventative practice that can assist in identifying your pet if they become missing. The procedure and registration of your cat’s information might range in price from. Bengal kittens for sale near me

Pet insurance: Medical emergencies often necessitate expensive treatment. You should obtain an appropriate pet insurance policy to avoid emptying your financial account. Depending on the insurance company, you could be required to pay between $360 and $600 every year.
The table below highlights your Bengal cat’s first-year costs:

Because of health-related expenses and fluctuating Bengal cat prices, the first year of having a Bengal cat is often the most expensive.

To save a few hundred dollars off the expected cost, look for a local vet who offers lower service rates.

Bengal Cat Ownership Costs on a Monthly Basis

To be honest, the annual costs of a Bengal cat might catch anyone off guard. However, when we look at it on a monthly basis, the budget becomes more doable.

Your expenses will also be greatly reduced once you have passed the first year of ownership.

For your convenience, here is an estimated monthly breakdown of Bengal cat expenses:

Type of Expense Average Cost
Cat Food $40 – $50
Litter $15 – $30
Other Supplies $8 – $32
Pet Insurance $30 – $50
Total Monthly Expenses $93 – $162

With this estimate, you may anticipate to pay between $1,116 and $1,944 in the years after the first.

This is, of course, assuming that you will not have to spend more for vet appointments and meds. Bengal kittens for sale.If you need to replace carriers, bedding, or feeding bowls, you may need to add extra.

Lifetime Costs of Owning a Bengal Cat Bengal cats, like other cat breeds, are typically healthy felines. According to most canine organizations, the average lifespan is between 12 and 16 years.

Throughout their friendship, you will be responsible for their daily food, shelter, and medical requirements.