Prior to contacting us, please review our ABOUT THE BREED page and our AVAILABLE KITTENS page as this will answer almost all of your questions! If you still have questions after viewing these informative helpful pages, Please feel free to contact us!
We are located in Gaffney, SC. Get in touch with us by filling out the Priority Request Form below. We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours but it may take a little longer depending on the number of inquires we have to respond to.
*Our kittens and cats are shown by appointment only.* The form below should be filled out and submitted by those who want a kitten or cat now and by those who want to be on our waiting list for our future litters; If you see a kitten you will like to purchase and bring home to be a member of your family, let us know. If you don’t see a kitten you like amongst those listed on our website, inform us of what you are looking for and when we have a kitten that matches what you have in mind, we will contact you and inform you of the availability of the kitten.Due to time constraints, all of our available kittens and older cats might not be listed online. Please be advised that Pedigreed Bengal cats for sale from Top Quality Bloodlines are Not Cheap kittens for sale, so do not expect Bengal cat rescue shelter prices. Our Bengal kittens for sale are individually priced depending on the specific qualities and pattern of each kitten. Contact us for details… We work concertedly with our buyers and the methods of payment we accept include: Cash, Cashiers Check, Credit Card payments, Bank payments, App payments (CashApp, Zelle & Venmo) and we also accept PayPal payments. If the buyer chooses to use PayPal, the buyer must pay using the Friends and Family payment option only.


Our cats and kittens are raised in our home (Cattery) and as part of COVID-19 preventive measures; visits are by appointment booking only. We schedule visits for clients who have reserved a kitten by paying a deposit fee ($475.00 to reserve brown Bengal kittens for sale or $550.00 to reserve snow Bengal kittens for sale) and also for clients who are on our waiting list, expecting bengal kittens from our future litters (have paid $150.00 fee to be added on the waiting list). NOTE:
  • The deposit fee and the fee to be on our waiting list are non-refundable and must be paid prior to the home visit. These payments will be applied and deducted from the final price of the kitten you want. You are required to make a selection of the kitten you want within a period of one year after you have been added to our waiting list. If not, your deposit will automatically be forfeited.
  • The deposit is used to pay for: vet examination, 2 sets of shots, 2 wormings, spay/neuter surgery, the vet fee for performing the surgery, etc. All these is usually done before the kitten is picked up from our home at 12 weeks old. We take into serious consideration, the health of your new kitten.
  • Those on our Waiting List, will be the first people to choose kittens from our new litters whenever they become available. We will contact the people we have on our list when the new kittens are born and we will provide them with detail information on the new born kittens.
  • Please note that, we do not rent or sell any information provided to us.
*It is very important that you include a valid phone number and any additional inquiry in message box*
Leaving a phone number will also ensure a quicker response!