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Bengal kittens for sale in Florida

Our cats and kittens are fully domesticated and very friendly

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JUNE 11 2022

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Bengal cats for sale

Meet our available Bengal kittens!!

Sweet babies, hand raised with lots of love and attention
JUNE 2021
Kitten Updates! 
We are happy to announce we have new kittens!!!
Beautiful Brown Rosetted kittens with Huge rosettes and Sharp Clear contrast!Bengal kittens for sale near me
Only 5 weeks old now, these babies are already super sweet and people friendly,
loving their rubs and cuddles:-) These kittens will be ready to come home August 14 when they are 12 weeks old.
Feel free to Email me with any questions, inquiries or to make a deposit 🙂
bengal kittens for sale

bengal kittens for sale florida

Tyler and I got our first Bengal, Tacomal, in 2000, and our first litter born in the fall of 2012. Brown bengal kittens for sale

Our love and passion for breeding and raising our babies becomes obvious the moment you bring your new kitten home…

Our kittens are handled, cuddled, and loved on from day one to develop their socialization skills from the very beginning. Bengal cat breeders georgia

Bengal kittens for sale in Florida

From our home to yours comes a well adjusted, confident, healthy and happy kitten.

Mikita gave birth on November 2, Tacomal on August 2……..

Tacomal and Matyuk were in separate, but adjoining rooms….Tacomal was uncomfortable and couldn’t seem to get settled. The second she got the chance, she picked a baby up and practically ran with him into the soft crate enclosure that is Mikita’s lair. Bengal cats for sale in usa

So, I brought the other kitten to her there, and she immediately snuggled up with Mikita and her gang. Now it is like one big happy family…they are both taking care of all the kittens….

I was hoping to put the two litters together eventually, I just never expected Tacomal to take care of it for me 🙂