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Tacomal Cattery Bengal cat breeders of Gaffney SC in Florida is a small in-home cattery devoted to raising healthy and happy brown spotted tabby’s and seal lynx / mink (Snow) Bengal kittens. Our kittens are born in our bedroom, (usually in the wee hours of the night). We believe in handling our babies from day 1, to create confident, people-oriented pets.

Our cats are members of our family and are never caged.

Bengal kittens FloridaHow we came to be “Tacomal Cattery Bengals” in Florida 2021

Before moving to Gaffney, SC, we lived in Florida, on eastern Long Island… We had a vet there that we admired greatly due to his knowledge and compassionate nature. When I got my little Seal Mink spotted girl, I had just lost my 19-year-old Calico, Daisy.
Dr. Tacoma had been his kind, caring self as he did the best for Daisy (and me). He touched my family and me greatly, and we named the little boy Tacoma, in his honor.
Tacoma is now Poppa Tacoma and the matriarch of the cattery.
Hence the name Tacomal and Company…… Tacomal Cattery.

All of our kittens are examined (and played with:-) by our wonderful vet, Dr. Joan McMindes

Bengal cat FloridaHistory of the Bengal Cats in Florida

Bengal Cats in Florida are a hybrid cat bred from the crossing of an Asian Leopard Cat (Felis Bengalensis) with a domestic cat. This small, elusive wildcat is found from Siberia, Pakistan, Tibet and India, Burma, Thailand, and parts of mainland China then south to Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and the Philippines. They can thrive in a variety of habitats… dense tropical forests, scrub, semi-desert, and agricultural areas.
The species Latin name (bengalensis) is derived from the first Leopard Cat that was discovered swimming in the Bay of Bengal.

The early generation Bengals are called Foundation Bengals, or “F” cats, and represent Bengals that are 1, 2, or 3 generations removed from the ALC. A Bengal is considered domestic (can be registered and shown) when it is 4 or more generations removed from the ALC.

Bengal Cats in Florida are a fun loving, affectionate, energetic, and curious breed. They have inherited their ancestor’s intelligence and fondness for water, and it is not uncommon to find your Bengal playing in the sink, tub, or water dish. Bengals are social pets, they get along with children and other animals, and they are happy to carry on a conversation with you.

Bengal kittens for sale Florida – Bengals in Action!

Bengals love to jump, and they are excitingly good jumpers! Watch them show off their strength, beauty, and agility in these videos.

Exotic cats for sale FloridaOur cats and kittens are fully domesticated and very friendly

We are a small, TICA (The International Cat Association) registered Bengal cat breeder located near Sarasota, Florida. We raise brown, silver, and snow Bengal kittens. Our cats and kittens are raised indoors in a clean, loving, family environment. The females roam freely throughout our home. Each male has his own 10 ft. X 6 ft. enclosure and they spend lots of time playing on our screened patio. They love watching the birds and catching lizards! We spend lots of quality time with our cats. They are fully domesticated and very friendly. The health and temperament of our cats is our number one priority and we focus on quality, not quantity. We usually have 3-4 litters a year. We are a closed cattery, which means we do not allow visitors or offer stud services. We have this policy in place to protect the health of our cats and to ensure their safety.

All of our cats are purebred SBT Bengals registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). SBT stands for studbook tradition, which means the cat is at least 4 generations from the asian leopard cat. SBT Bengals are eligible for competition in the show ring and are fully accepted as a domestic cat.

Snow Bengal kittens for sale in FloridaPlease understand the following: WE ARE A HOBBY BREEDER


Hobby breeders are dedicated to preserving a particular breed of animal. We do not mass produce kittens and we do not breed our females at every heat cycle.snow Bengal kittens for sale Florida. Our cats are part of our family and they are treated like royalty. We only breed the very best! We carefully select our breeding cats based on temperament, health, and stunning good looks. Bengal kittens for sale in south Florida

bengal kittens for sale florida

bengal kittens for sale florida

We breed because we are passionate about providing families with healthy, happy, socialized kittens. We are also passionate about science and genetics. We send DNA samples of all of our cats and kittens to the Feline Genetics and Comparative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri. My husband and I do not “make a living” from selling cats. We are both working professionals. We do not rely on the sale of our kittens to pay our bills. However, breeding purebred cats is very expensive and the money we make goes right back into providing the very best care for our cats.


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