Bengal Cat Breed Information

The Bengal Cat Breed Standard


Cat Fancy Associations around the world have studied the best features of every cat breed in existence.

To ensure quality, they then wrote a 100 point score of each breeds ideal features.

Read the Bengal Cat Breed Standard to ensure you are receiving a quality bred Bengal kitten from a conscientious breeder.


Bengal Cat Personality

Bengal cats are quirky, lovable creatures with enormous personalities.

You may wonder if the Bengal cat breed is the right breed for you. Read on to learn what makes a Bengal cat happy, sad, naughty and impossible to live without.

Bengal Cat Colors & Patterns

The standard Bengal cat comes in two distinct patterns. The Spotted and the Marble.
The most highly prized pattern achieved on the Bengal cat is the Rosetted.
The acceptable Bengal breed Standard colors for a Bengal cat are: Brown, Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink, Seal Sepia, Silver and newly added is the Charcoal.
Bengal cats come in more colors. Read on to see the variety.
bengal cat colors